Thank you so much for your generosity! We could not run our organization without the assistance of the Moorpark community. Read the information below to learn how to donate online or by mail to the Moorpark Friends of the Library (MFOTL) today!

How to Donate

Please click on the button below to send us a donation through PayPal*.

You can also send us a donation by mail. Send a check made out to the "Moorpark Friends of the Library" to:

P. O. Box 452

Moorpark, CA 93020

Finally, consider donating using Ralphs Community Rewards Program! To do so, head to, log into or create your Ralph's account, and search for MOORPARK FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY either by name or search "TH256" and then click Enroll. 

To support our organization in other ways, we ask that you consider becoming a member, following us on Facebook, and/or coming to one of our events when it is safe to gather again.

Thank you so much!

*Please note that payments through PayPal are subject to a processing fee, which reduces the amount of your donation to us. If you would like to pay that fee—which is completely voluntary but very much appreciated—please add 3% to your donation amount. 

For example:

For a $10.00 donation, you would pay $10.30

For a $50.00 donation, you would pay $51.50

and so on

Again, this is not mandatory, just something that helps our small organization a lot if you have the means to give that little extra. We appreciate it!