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Looking for local volunteer opportunities? Assisting the Moorpark Friends of the Library (MFOTL) is an invaluable way to contribute to your community. Check out our opportunities and apply below. Contact us if you have any questions.

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Become a book sorter

Our Moorpark City Library bookstore, which we lovingly call "The Biggest Little Bookstore in Moorpark," is thriving. We receive generous donations from our wonderful community every day, so we are always looking for help sorting new books, organizing the shelves of our store, and prepping for booksales. Our need for volunteers in the bookstore is a top priority!

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Volunteer at events

Throughout the year, the MFOTL hosts events to support our organization. We also regularly assist the Moorpark City Library staff at their events. If you would like to assist in any capacity—prep, guests check-in, clean up, etc.—please fill out the form below. 


Other Opportunities

If you have a skill, hobby, or talent you would like to share with us that doesn't fit into one of the above categories, tell us about them! Fill out the 'contact' form below or send us an email to describe your interests and talents. We offer opportunities in board positions, social media, fundraising, event coordination, updating and managing our website, contributions to our newsletter, graphic arts, brochure production, technical know-how, financial management, liaising with other charitable groups, grant writing, and membership promotion. How might your skills enrich these possibilities?

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